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About Us


Meet Lynn Elena Lee

Your Seasoned, Spirited, and Sparkling Travel Expert. Founder and Owner of Sparkling Life Journeys.

I’ve always been drawn to traveling and discovering new experiences.  I love exploring the spirit of a place through its people, cuisine, and day-to-day life.  I love learning how that spirit is expressed in its cultural traditions, arts, architecture, philosophy, healing practices.


My own evolution began when I left my small town at 19 for a government job in Washington, D.C. What an awakening! At age 21 I had the good fortune to cross the Atlantic for a two-year assignment in Germany aboard the SS United States on one of its final voyages.  What a revelation!  The ocean liner was a marvel of engineering – fast, sturdy, and graceful, but it was the elegance of the dining experience that lit me up!  The food!  The cocktails!  The desserts! 


After a brief stop in London (Oh my!) to visit a friend, I arrived in Germany, a beautiful, fascinating country with a fun-loving culture.  Thus began my love affair with wines, beers, schnapps, cheeses, bratwurst, breads, and pretzels.  From there I had opportunities to travel around Europe and discover other enchanting cultures and foods.

On returning to the US, I moved to California to continue my education.  Driving cross-country and up and down the west coast brought me to spectacular national parks, exquisite beaches, charming towns and cities, and many new experiences. While in California I started on a path of natural foods, plant-based diet, fitness, and learning about healthy living and natural healing, which I continue today. 


Fast forward to 2008. I was offered an opportunity to join a travel business.  After a 25-year career creating corporate programs for professional learning and development, this was the perfect way to blend my love of travel with my research, planning, organizational, and customer service skills!


Now I get to design travel and learning experiences for busy professional women and lovers of life.  And I get to sprinkle in my penchant for food, wine, nutrition, health, and fitness when relevant to the interests of my clients.


I also partner with culinary and wellness businesses, organizations, and practitioners who want to host group trips and retreats for their clients, customers, and members. Such trips can foster close and lasting bonds among all participants in a way that local events cannot.


Who am I?


  • Curious

  • Adventurous

  • Always seeking and learning

  • Lover of flavorful foods, wonderful wines, and soothing spirits

  • Advocate for healing energies and well-being practices

  • Eager to serve

Let’s discover who you are!


  • What gets your juices flowing and your spirit soaring when you consider your next trip?

  • What new sights, sounds, and insights do you hope to encounter?

  • What tantalizing flavors, aromas, and visions do you hope to discover?

  • What kinds of memories do you want to bring home to cherish?

I’d be delighted to offer suggestions, answer your questions, and propose a way we can work together that fits your needs.


I look forward to getting to know you and to being of service.


Schedule a complimentary 30-minute call to discuss your ideas.

My commitment to you is to listen carefully to your desires and to bring my knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm to crafting an experience you’ll love.

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