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Luxurious culinary and
wellness travel experiences

For busy women who love food, wine, and living a vibrant, healthy life




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River Cruise Guide

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Restore Your Sparkle

Travel Experiences that Awaken the Senses and Stir the Soul.


I know you’re an On-the-Go Girl, but just for a moment take a deep breath and



  • A candle-lit dinner overlooking the sapphire Mediterranean as an attentive sommelier perfectly pairs exquisite local wines with your sea-to-table cuisine.


  • A relaxing massage on the beach at twilight after an invigorating daytime hike with your companions exploring the flora and fauna of a magical rain forest.


  • Exploring and discovering new cultures, flavors, and traditions together with your loved ones or girlfriends, with a custom itinerary designed just for you.


What travel dreams do you have that we can bring to life for you?


You deserve memorable experiences

Are you:

• A busy professional whose free time is too precious to spend on making travel arrangements?

• An overworked mom yearning to get away from her day-to-day responsibilities and indulge in quality time with her partner, family, or friends?

• A savvy traveler who expects distinctive experiences custom designed to her tastes and preferences?

• A woman who appreciates personal service, meticulous attention to detail, and carefully crafted itineraries done right?


You’ve come to the right place!

Making travel plans is not as simple and straightforward as in years past.  With the glut of advertised travel deals coming at you, it can be extremely time consuming, confusing, and even overwhelming to make sense of it all – and to be sure that what you see is actually what you get.   And it’s difficult to keep up with ever-changing pandemic travel restrictions and requirements.


Our job is to make your decisions easier, reduce stress and risk, and deliver memorable and transformative travel experiences.  We take care of the details that are important to you, so you can have peace of mind and a worry-free vacation. 

 Our mission is to cultivate joy, connection, and cultural understanding through delectable, healthful, and meaningful travel experiences.

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Restorative, restful, and flavorful journeys

We’ll help you get to know a destination through its cuisine, traditions, cultural treasures, and people,
while nurturing your body, mind, and soul.  Here are a few ideas…

European river cruises

Immerse yourself in the Old World as you float along Europe’s iconic rivers past hillside vineyards and orchards, picturesque villages, and vibrant cities. Relax and marvel as these scenic cruises glide along the Rhine, Seine, Danube, and other rivers, past fairy-tale castles, soaring fortresses, and medieval towns.  Taste the flavors of the lands you traverse, then stroll or bike along paths through evocative landscapes.

Pasta and Wine
Wine & culinary adventures

A wine-tasting tour through France, hands-on cooking lessons with a nonna in Tuscany, tapas and taverns in Madrid.

 We will pair the perfect culinary experience with wine, beer or spirits for your specific palate, needs, and wishes.

Bamboo Spa Pool
Women's wellness retreats

Blending relaxation with restorative, invigorating, and spiritual wellness practices with a group of like-minded women is sure to be an unforgettable experience that will last well beyond your trip. Gather your girls and head out on a very personal journey to awaken your mind, body, soul, and spirit.


What's coming up

Here's a preview of trips we have planned.

Free Travel Guide

Need help deciding on your next trip?

Longing for an out-of-ordinary experience that feeds your body, mind, and spirit and fosters connection with place, people, and self?   Here are five in our beautiful country that just may wow you.  

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Five heart-touching, soul-stirring, palate pleasing travel experiences that will meet your high standards.


Here’s what one happy client said:  

Deb M

Thank you for your GREAT SERVICE, Lynn.  You are helping me reduce stress and balance my life by taking care of these travel arrangements.  Travel—vacation/unplugging time--is more important than most people know.  We see and treat the results of stress in people’s lives at our clinic every day. The havoc it wreaks on their health is mostly, if not entirely, avoidable by managing stress.  It’s critical to our health to live with joy each day and create things to look forward to doing in the future, such as taking a vacation.  When it’s travel for any reason, having someone who has experience and background in the travel industry and knows their way around the systems is still a fabulous idea to reduce our own stress.  Using your expert services is not just a luxury--although it’s sure nice!  It’s a healthy choice.     

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